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Hello world..
the few among you whom I've given the address of this blog to will known that i have another one that is about the same things as here, but since some of my schoolmates read the other one I don't have a hand to pour my heart into. Or at least I didn't until I opened this blog.
So this is gonna be inofficial.
I warn you.
This is about my strange love/hate-thing with food and myself, poetry (*cough*), sick humour, my obsession with splatter, blood and body parts (occasionally), my steady switching of languages (french/english/german/spanish/russian/bahasa indonesia), endless rants about myself, the rest of my faith, irrational thoughts and behaviour.. blah blah blah.

Don't say you haven't  been warned.
For those of you who are in danger: I won't censor myself and I could trigger you to do ANYTHING you regret. So watch out.
29.3.08 21:51

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blah (29.3.08 22:19)

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